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Advanced Open Water Diver Course

You can enhance your open water certification by strengthening your scuba diving foundation and learning new dive techniques. Students can enjoy new diving adventures and pick up new abilities underwater by enrolling in the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOWDC). It expands the capabilities of a diver and opens up new possibilities, including diving at night or going deeper beyond 18 meters. Students must complete 5 distinct adventure dives (Deep diving and Underwater Navigation are required) as part of the training.

To maximize the advantages it offers the students, DiveRACE focuses on a small number of carefully chosen adventure dives. We primarily concentrate on enhancing the pupils’ buoyancy and finning abilities while boosting their self-assurance to become competent dives. The Advanced Open Water Diver Course comes after the Basic Open Water Course. As it enables divers to dive up to a maximum depth of 40 meters and explore new sorts of diving, this course is highly advised! Appropriate for individuals who adore scuba diving and desire to advance in their investigation. Any trip can include the Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOWDC).

Your instructor will go over the theoretical material and go over the manual’s knowledge reviews before working on the practical skills during the dives. During the training, significant advice and knowledge will be given, and students will practice the foundational scuba diving techniques such as SMB deployment and peak performance buoyancy. The development of a skilled diver with sound risk management and situational awareness depends greatly on this. The minimum age requirement is 15 years old. Must be certified as an Open Water Diver or equivalent, and must be in good physical condition (link to medical statement form).

Although there are other adventure dives, we focus on these five because they offer the best value for the average diver. Deep Diving: Recognize and control the danger associated with going deeper. As light is absorbed, vivid colors fade, and the air is used up more quickly, as examples of the effects of deep diving. Learn to confidently navigate underwater by making use of a compass and a natural reef. Always be aware of your surroundings and how to go back home safely. Due to the poor visibility, scuba diving at a reef at night is a unique experience. Participants can practice diving at night while using a waterproof torch! This is the complete guide on advanced open water diver course.


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