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Cardi B Listed As Suspect In Battery Case

Days after a video of rapper Cardi B throwing her microphone at a concertgoer who tossed their drink at the rapper onstage went viral, the US police said that they had started a battery investigation. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on Monday said that a woman had contacted them to report a battery, according to Page Six.

Cardi B threw her microphone at the female audience member while she was onstage Saturday evening during her set at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas. The Bodak Yellow rapper was soaking wet as she performed when the unruly crowd member raised their white cup in her direction. The microphone caught the liquid and ricocheted off the back of her head, hitting the crowd member in the face. Cardi immediately threw the microphone at the woman in retaliation, as captured on video.

The incident has sparked controversy as Cardi fans have come to her defense, saying it was perfectly reasonable for her to fight back against the fan’s rude behavior. They have also pointed out that she had asked the audience to “splash her down” earlier in the show, which they took as a request for water thrown at her instead of a drink tossed directly at her.

Other fans have commented on the unfortunate trend of fans throwing objects at artists mid-performance, saying that it needs to stop. However, some have criticized Cardi’s reaction, arguing that it was over the top and that she should not have been allowed onstage in the first place.

It is not Cardi’s first time clashing with the crowd at her shows. The “I Like It” hitmaker was banned from Drai’s in 2022 after allegedly lashing out at the club DJ over him repeatedly cutting short her tracks. However, the DJ incident did not have a similar outcome, as security quickly removed the woman from the stage.

The victim reported that she was left with a bump on her forehead and had to be rushed to the hospital after the incident. She also suffered minor injuries on her wrist and ankle. The woman has since filed a civil lawsuit against the venue, Cardi B, and the Las Vegas police department. The woman’s attorney told Page Six that she is also deciding whether to pursue legal action against the other involved parties.

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