Whereas moving your family to another country is an exciting adventure, it brings with it a lot of challenges. The biggest among them is finding the right international school for your child. In most cases, you want your child to have the best standard of education available, in a convenient location.

But with the numerous international schools to choose from, it is no wonder many parents feel overwhelmed by the situation. Even though we cannot make the all important decision for you, we can provide some helpful tips to make your search easy. Here’s what you need to know before you start searching around for the best British international schools in South East Asia.


When examining the available vacancies in the schools, you need to factor in what it takes to apply to your school of choice. After all, most international schools tend to have a waiting list and others won’t allow children to join mid-way through the academic year. Ensure you find time to check the application procedure rather than rushing through the application procedure. Take note of the application deadlines and the documentation needed to avoid missing out on the available vacancies.

Fees and Costs

The fee and cost is undeniably the determining factor for most families when searching around for the best international school. However you ought to remember that the yearly fee does not reflect the cost of sending your child to an international school. Some schools ask parents to pay an additional enrollment fee for the first fee.

Furthermore, the yearly fee often increases as per the academic calendar for international schools. Either way, always factor in the overall cost per year while creating your budget. Luckily, some schools offer parents a full breakdown of the total cost.

In Conclusion

Now that you know what goes into finding the right international school for your child, you need to determine how you’ll find it. The good news is that you can access contact information and specific data online. If in doubt, you can send an enquiry to Overseas Family School and find out more about the available vacancies. As one of the best international school, you can rest assured that your child is in the safest hands possible. Visit MediaOne website and get more details about international schools here before you choose the perfect one for your child.