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Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a New Air Conditioner

Purchasing a new air conditioner doesn’t necessarily have to be an overwhelming experience. You can easily avoid the most common mistakes when buying your AC with only a little preparation and some basic knowledge in place.

Plus, you’ll have to purchase your unit from a trusted and reputable HVAC company which can explain to you several options and also guide you through the purchase process. With that aside, let’s dive to some common mistakes that you really need to avoid when buying your new residential HVAC unit.

Forgetting About Energy Efficiency

When choosing an air conditioner, energy efficiency is one of the essential things you ought to put into consideration. A unit with greater efficiency will result to lower monthly bills and so you should always factor it into your decision. The lower operating costs can offset the initial cost of a system such that a more expensive yet efficient air conditioner can save you money in the long run.

It is in your best interest to look for Energy Star rated units with the highest SEER rating. A SEER of 13is probably the minimum, while 16 or more is considered energy efficient. When buying a new HVAC unit, always ensure you purchase the most efficient system you can afford.

Buying the Wrong-Sized air Conditioner

Most people tend to think that a bigger air conditioner is effective while a smaller air conditioner will be less expensive. However, the truth is that the best air conditioner for performance and efficiency is one that is the correct size for your home. A unit that is too large uses more power than a correctly sized unit and this makes it expensive to operate without cooling your home any better or faster.

On the other hand, an air conditioner that is too small usually works a little harder to cool the space. As a result, this makes it more susceptible to breakdowns and the unit also becomes less efficient and effective than a properly sized system. You should make sure your HVAC technician surveys your home to determine the correct size before you make your purchase.


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