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Food Sensitivity Test: What You Should Know

The increasing dietary awareness has left many people wondering about their reactions to certain foods or food additives. Even though everyone has a serious food allergy, many more people probably have one or more food sensitivities conditions where some foods cause certain negative symptoms or drawbacks.

To uncover whether or not, you have sensitivity, you’ll need to take a food sensitivity test.  But what are these tests and do you really need them? Read on below to uncover more before deciding on anything!

What is Food Sensitivity?

Before going any further, it is worth understanding what food sensitivity entails. Unlike an allergy or intolerance, ‘food sensitivity,’ is a broader and umbrella term that can apply to any type of physiological reaction your body might have to a particular food or substance.

For example, food sensitivity is not usually as bad as an allergic reaction. However, food sensitivities can still lead to a number of uncomfortable symptoms like; bloating, abdominal discomfort, nausea, diarrhea, and other symptoms. You may experience food sensitivity when a particular type of food doesn’t agree with their system.

A food sensitivity test, on the other hand, is a blood test that can, through the use of biomarkers and other biological signals help to determine which foods you may or may not be sensitive to. Actually, this type of test can examine your blood for a variety of undetected or not yet experienced food sensitivities. These sensitivities could, if not taken into account, lead to a variety of weight gain, digestive disorders, migraines and other similar conditions.

You may be wondering if food sensitivity is similar to a food allergy. The simplest answer to this question is no. Food sensitivity creates a number of biological disturbances that are not usually as immediate or noticeable as a true allergic reaction. That’s not to say they can never be uncomfortable or overall negative to one’s daily experiences and long-term health.

Food allergies lead to a severe and usually immediate negative reaction to a given food substances. In most cases, allergic reactions can be very dangerous or lethal.

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