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How Private Browsing Can Protect You Online

Private Browser Search

Every website you visit is always recorded in your web browser’s history. Actually, your web browser is going to remember the URL of sites you visit frequently, data ‘cookies’ and what you type into a search engine. This can prove costly especially when you use your Personal Computer (PC) with someone else considering they may access such a complete digital footprint. Things tend to be different when you opt for a private browser search since all the information disappears as soon as you close your browser. In this post, we will take you through some of the ways in which private browsing can prove beneficial.

Block Sites from Collecting Personal Information

Since your browsing history is long and detailed, much of what you see when performing an online search is targeted specifically for you. In fact, major search engines such as Google and Yahoo display results based on what you searched for initially. If you want to block sites from collecting your personal information, you ought to use an incognito search engine. Through this action, you will ‘start fresh,’ whenever you want to perform an online search. This is just what you need to stay safe at all times.

Stay Safe when you’re Not on Your Personal Computer

At times, you might forget to log out of your social media account or online bank account when using a public computer. When this is the case, other people can access your account without your knowledge and even use it for their own personal gains. Worse, some might tarnish your reputation thus costing you big time. If you use a private web search engine, you’ll be automatically logged out of any account once you end your browsing session.  This in turn keeps your information safe from any person who wants to steal personal information.

Access Linked Accounts at Once

We can never conclude without mentioning the fact that private browsing makes it possible for you to log in to linked accounts at once. If you happen to have several accounts on one given site, then you can take this as the perfect opportunity to bring them up at once. For instance, you can check your personal Gmail and work accounts simultaneously. Otherwise, you have to sign out of one before you finally checking the other or simply use two different browsers to open the accounts.

The Bottom Line

Private browsing is definitely  going to keep your browsing history safe and secure. If you are planning to perform a dark web search, you should consider opting for ArmoredView. Thanks this deep web search browser, you can browse the internet safely without having to worry about any ads following you around. Better, the search engine protects user’s privacy while at the same time avoiding personalized search results. No profiling, No monitoring, just safe browsing. To find out more about ArmoredView search engine, simply pay a visit to their official website at any time of the day and you are good to go.


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