Leather watch straps are among the most coveted for timepieces by both men and women. These straps have earned reputation for their strong build and long lasting durability. But for you to get the most from your leather strap, you must take good care of it. Fortunately, this is something that can never give you sleepless nights since there are so many ways to keep your leather strap looking good.

Here are some of the tips to employ if you are to care for your leather watch strap hassle-free.

Allow it to Breathe

With leather straps, there might come a time when it starts smelling. Of course, this is normal but you can stop your leather watch strap from smelling. To pull this off successfully, it would be better to give it a break. Give it some time to breathe since it absorbs sweat and dirt when you wear it regularly.

If you don’t give it breathing time, the pores in the leather end up trapping odors. You do not have to put it aside for days or weeks. Instead, leaveit on your nightstand overnight and it will do the trick.

Clean Your Leather Watch Strap

At times the smell may be present even after giving your leather watch strap space to breathe. When this is the case, it’s always better to have it cleaned. To clean the leather watch strap, first remove it from your watch. Using a dry microfiber cloth, wipe off both sides of the strap to remove any dirt trapped.

Now dampen a jewelry cloth, saddle soap and rub the leather back and forth while applying slight pressure to spots with dirt. Once done, wipe the leather watch strap gently using another damp cloth and let it dry before wearing it again.

Take care of your leather watch strap and it will serve you for many years to come. Do not shy away from asking for help when not sure about something. That way, you can avoid making a costly mistake when cleaning your leather watch strap.


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