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How to Clean Your Custom Logo Mats

Commercial floor mats are widely relied upon by business owners in their workplaces to enhance safety and allow for floor protection. Moreover, commercial floor mats with logo can showcase a logo, name, or even a professional message to make your customers feel welcome. While custom logo mats don’t come that cheap, the benefits are well worth it.

Industrial floor mats feature some distinct qualities to enhance their functionality and durability. For instance, they are slip resistant to prevent slip and fall accidents in the workplace. With that being said, today we will take you through what goes into cleaning your custom logo rug;

Use Soap and Water

Make it the norm to clean your industrial floor mats with soap and water after an extended run. It narrows down to simply removing all your custom floor mats for thorough cleaning after some time. This can either be after every week or fortnightly. Cleaning your industrial floor mats with soap and water will remove all dirt and debris from the mats.

Prioritize Regular Vacuuming

You should vacuum your logo mats regularly to remove any dust and dirt that might be on the surface. Due to the heavy foot traffic experienced by industrial floor mats, regular vacuuming is vital. There is nothing wrong with vacuuming your commercial floor mats twice a day especially during the rainy season.

Use a Neutral Cleaner

Sometimes you might notice stubborn stains on your commercial floor mats that appear almost impossible to remove. Some of these stains have the potential to withstand soap and water. If you notice such stains, then using a neutral cleaner will work to your advantage. After all, it will not discolor or run the colors of your floor mats, to scrub out these stubborn stains.

Dry Your Mat After Cleaning

Once you’re done cleaning your logo rug, be sure to spread it flat to dry. Never should you fold the floor mat but rather lay it flat dry after cleaning. Check to confirm that the industrial floor mat is dry before installing it back.

Keep in mind you need to clean the floor underneath and around the mat before installing the clean logo rug back in its place. Be sure to remove all dirt and debris from the floor where you’ll install the clean floor mat before taking the next step of action.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your custom logo mats goes a long way in making sure they serve the intended purposes and look good long enough. The same goes when you want to increase the life span of your commercial floor mat.

Remember, it starts with purchasing logo mats made of the highest-quality materials. Luckily, Ultimate Mats doesn’t disappoint in this regard. At Ultimate Mats, they make custom door mats.

You can choose from their custom logo mats or logo rugs, add your logo, then choose the size, orientation, backing and border. Get in touch with them today to create your ideal custom door mats for your business or residential use.

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