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Keeping Your Commercial HVAC System Running Smoothly

When having a commercial HVAC system, it is imperative that you prioritize proper maintenance at all times. After all, this is the perfect way to save money on energy while at the same time extending its lifespan. Unfortunately, some business owners do not know how to go about this.

If you happen to be in this category, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. This post will take you through what it takes to keep your commercial HVAC system running smoothly without the hassle. Keep on reading to find out more.

Clean the Fins

Even though it might sound obvious, you will be surprised by the sheer number of business owners who skimp on that after installing a HVAC system in their commercial building. What they might fail to realize is that the accumulation of dirt in the fins affects the operation of the system. No wonder you should make it the norm to clean the fins.

To pull this off successfully, remove the outer covers before using the brush attachment on a powerful shop vacuum to clean the fins. Be sure to leverage a commercially available fin cleaning spray available to get rid of as much dirt as possible.

Change the Blower Filter

The filter in your commercial HVAC system ought to be replaced at least twice a year. For you to attain the results you badly expect, change the blower filter before the heating season starts and once before the cooling season begins. Things tend to be different for those in dusty areas since you must replace the blower filter regularly. That way, you won’t have to worry about making the indoor coil to freeze due to the reduced airflow.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining your commercial HVAC system does not have to be stressful as it might sound in the first place. As long as you understand the important things to do, you can rest knowing that your HVAC system is in the best of shapes. If in doubt, do not hesitate to call upon professionals to help you out with the maintenance.


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