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Key Metrics for Measuring Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior analytics is currently the success mantra for both small and large businesses alike. This does not come as a surprise to many considering consumers decide whether or not you’ll achieve business success. For you to get the most out of consumer behavior analytics, you need to understand the factors that influence the behavior of your consumers. Luckily, we are here to offer a helping hand. Read on and discover some of the key metrics to employ when measuring consumer behavior.

Average Session Time

Average session time is one of the best indicators of how long consumers spend whenever they visit your website. The longer visitors spend on your website, the higher their chances of making a purchase. What is even more fascinating is the fact that online shoppers who spend longer in your store always browse through products, read the reviews, or even interact with your customer support team. This is just what is needed into convincing them to make a buying decision online.

Pages per Visit

Aside from the average session time, you should also factor in the number of pages per visit as it’s an effective metric for analyzing customer behavior. Thanks to this metric, you can easily figure out the least (or most) viewed website pages and work on their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Keep in mind a page-per-visit measure of less than 2 can never be sufficient enough to execute a conversion. That’s why you need to put in place the right measures if you’re to increase the page-per-visit. As for a high page-per-visit measure, it is always going to work perfectly when it comes to boosting CTR and overall conversions.

The Bottom Line

So many metrics come into play whenever you want to measure consumer behavior. From average session time and pages per visit to customer loyalty and traffic flow, you should never skimp on anything. For those who are still finding it hard, then it would be better to seek the help of professionals in the field. Through this action, you’re certainly going to get the most from consumer behavior analytics.


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