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Latest Bloodshed- Killed 7 in Two Shootings in California

Two shootings in California have killed seven people. They occurred in the coastal town of Half Moon Bay, about 30 miles south of San Francisco. The shooter was captured two hours after the incident.

One shooting took place at a mushroom farm and another was at a plant nursery. All of the victims were believed to be Chinese-American workers. In the first incident, four victims were found with gunshot wounds, while in the second, three were killed and three others were critically injured. A fifth victim was transported to Stanford Medical Center.

Both of the shooters were described as elderly Asian immigrants. Investigators in southern California are still looking into the motive of the shootings. But they aren’t sure if the attack was motivated by revenge, anger, or other reasons.

A 67-year-old suspect, identified as Chunli Zhao, was taken into custody after he was spotted sitting in a car at a San Mateo County sheriff’s office substation in Half Moon Bay. He was wearing a red long-sleeved shirt and a white cap. He was found with a semi-automatic pistol in his vehicle. His name and motive were unknown, but investigators believe that he may have worked at the two locations where the shootings occurred.

Authorities are investigating the shooting as a possible “mass shooting.” According to the US Attorney General’s office, this type of shooting occurs when “four or more” people are killed or injured. The FBI is providing investigative resources to the sheriff’s office.

The attack happened at rural property near Half Moon Bay, California, about 30 miles south of San Francisco. At the time of the shooting, the area was already devastated by heavy rains. Children who were released from school were among those who witnessed the incident. Police officials said the shooter was armed with a semi-automatic handgun. Some of the bullet casings were collected from the scene.

7 killed in apparent 'workplace violence' case in Half Moon Bay as California suffers 3 mass shootings in 44 hours – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale

A man who worked at the nursery where the shootings occurred was arrested by police. Police say that he had a connection to the victims. Hou Can Tran was arrested in 1994 for illegal possession of a firearm. When they closed in on him, Tran shot himself in a getaway vehicle. It’s not clear whether he had any family members.

Investigators are still searching for a motive, but one possible explanation is that he was acting on his anger after he had been fired from the farm. Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said that the suspect may have known the victims. The shootings were the deadliest mass shooting in Los Angeles county in recent years.

Another incident took place in the city of Oakland. Seven people were wounded in a shooting at a dance studio that is popular with older Asian patrons. ABC7 reported that the suspect is a 67-year-old who had been married for decades. He was seen on camera being arrested by armed police officers. An additional shooting victim is still being treated in hospital.


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