Miss World 2023 to Be Hosted in India

After a gap of 27 years, the Miss World beauty pageant is all set to be hosted in India. The 71st edition of the prestigious international event will take place in November/December 2023, the organisers announced on Thursday. The coveted international platform is one of the oldest existing beauty pageants and celebrates beauty, talent, intelligence and promotes charitable initiatives. The 71st edition of the pageant will showcase the achievements of

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Parker Solar Probe flies into the Heart of the Sun to Find the Source of Solar Winds.

The Parker Solar Probe, which has been unraveling the secrets of the Sun, has flown close enough to see the structure of the solar wind close to where it is generated. This is a crucial discovery. Solar winds are energized particles flowing from the Sun’s corona, its outer atmosphere, toward Earth. They are the source of space weather, which can disrupt power grids, telecommunications systems, and GPS signals. The probe’s

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Amber Heard Confirms Permanently Moving To Spain

The actress sold off her home in Yucca Valley, California, last year to move to Madrid with her daughter Oonagh. She reportedly bought a luxurious villa in the city. She lived with other celebrities, including Spanish football coach Xabi Alonso, actresses Mar Flores and Juan Benet, actor Antonio Gala, director Carmen Sevilla, and actors Narcis Serra and Isabel Preysler. The ‘Aquaman’ star, who gained immense popularity during the highly publicized

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SpaceX to Launch New Supplies to the International Space Station (ISS)

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is about to launch a new batch of food supplies, experiments, and science to the International Space Station (ISS). The 28th commercial resupply mission will blast off Monday to the flying laboratory on the company’s Falcon-9 rocket. And this time, it’s bringing a unique experiment designed by students. It’s part of the Genes in Space program from the University of Florida and could help scientists better understand

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NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ Sees Leadership Transition: Chuck Todd Moves On, Kristen Welker Steps Up

In a surprising move, Chuck Todd has announced that he will be stepping down from his role as moderator of NBC’s political panel show “Meet the Press.” Todd has been with the show for over six years, and his departure comes as a shock to many in the political journalism world. However, NBC has already announced Todd’s replacement – Kristen Welker. Welker is a well-respected journalist who has been with

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From Colleagues to Couple: Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s Journey of Love

Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim are two of the stars of the popular reality show “Selling Sunset.” The show follows a group of real estate agents as they sell high-end properties in Los Angeles while navigating their personal lives. Stause and Oppenheim’s relationship has been a major storyline on the show, and fans have been following their every move. Here is a timeline of their relationship. October 2020 Stause and

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Prime Minister Narendra Modis Chip Making Plan Flops Despite Lack of Tech Partners

Big companies, including a Foxconn joint venture that bid for India’s $10 billion semiconductor incentives, are struggling due to the need for a technology partner, a significant setback for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s chipmaking ambitions. India’s high-tech manufacturing push has been a priority for Modi, who is keen to boost jobs and exports as part of his Make in India strategy. But while the government has a range of programs

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New Skoda Enyaq Laurin & Klement Unveiled With More Power Extended Range

Skoda has unveiled the top-spec Laurin & Klement variant for the Enyaq SUV and the Enyaq Coupe. This range-topping version is distinguished by extensive mechanical upgrades, including a more powerful motor and an extended driving range. This new variant also uses the latest version of the ME4 vehicle software that will be introduced across all other models in the lineup. In addition, it offers a pre-heating function for the battery

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Online Search To Make Up Lost Time With Artificial Intelligence

By the time you read this, hundreds of millions of web surfers will have had their questions answered by robots — and it might not be a moment too soon. The classic search and click made ubiquitous by the Google behemoth is getting a profound reset thanks to artificial intelligence. The question is which bot will prevail. For the first time, AI competitors like ChatGPT, Bard, or Bing are giving

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First Baby With DNA From Three People Born In The UK

For most of us, there are specific immutable facts about life: The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Winter leads to spring. And babies have two biological parents. But in a scientific first for the UK, scientists say they’ve successfully created a baby with DNA from three people. The baby was born using a fertility technique called mitochondrial donation treatment (MRT). It is an attempt to

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Changes at TikTok: Head of US Trust and Safety Steps Down

Vanessa Pappas, the head of Trust and Safety for TikTok in the United States, is leaving the company, according to recent reports. Pappas has been with TikTok since 2018 and has played a crucial role in developing the company’s content moderation policies and practices. During her tenure at TikTok, Pappas oversaw the development of the company’s Community Guidelines and played a key role in implementing measures to prevent the spread

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What You Need to Know about a Full Frame Camera

A full-frame camera is a digital camera with a sensor that is the same size as a 35mm film frame. This type of camera is typically used by professional photographers because it provides the highest quality images. However, full-frame cameras are also becoming more popular with amateur photographers as they become more affordable. The past few years have seen a shift in the camera market. Full-frame cameras have become more

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Fox News Settles US Disinformation Lawsuit For Over USD 780 Million

A last-minute settlement Tuesday averted a potentially humiliating defamation trial for Fox News. The network, one of the most powerful and profitable in the United States, agreed to a $787.5 million settlement in a lawsuit launched by voting technology company Dominion over its coverage of false rigging claims in the 2020 election that it said hurt its business. But the media network also suffered a reputational beating that observers said

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What You Need to Know About Metaverse

Lifelike experiences, equal access, better collaboration and new business opportunities, yet there is the potential for higher costs, privacy violations, bullying and addiction. While the metaverse may be on the horizon, but precursor and metaverse-like experiences are now upon us. Yet most people aren’t sold on the concept of the metaverse. Some argue that the metaverse doesn’t yet exist in its truest sense. But you need to know that technology

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18000 Cattle Killed In Horrific Explosion Fire In Texas

Authorities said a “horrific” explosion and fire at a dairy farm in the southern US state of Texas killed about 18,000 head of cattle and injured one agricultural worker on Thursday. The blast and fire ripped through the Southfork Dairy Farms near the town of Dimmitt in the Texas Panhandle on Monday night. The incident is the deadliest barn fire for cattle in Texas history, according to the Animal Welfare

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Millie Bobby Brown Seemingly Announces Engagement to Boyfriend Jake Bongiovi

Amid reports that she’s engaged, Millie Bobby Brown appears to be taking things to the next level with her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi. The Stranger Things star took to Instagram on Tuesday morning, seemingly announcing her engagement, posting a sweet black and white photo of herself grinning with Bongiovi, the 20-year-old son of Bon Jovi, hugging her from behind while a large diamond ring was on display on her ring finger.

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Elon Musk Starts Following PM Modi On Twitter

Twitter chief and billionaire Elon Musk has started following Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter. The Twitter account ‘Elon Alerts’ shared the news on Monday, and the screenshot soon started gaining traction on the microblogging platform. Several netizens were quick to react to the news, and a common question among them was if this was a sign that Tesla would set up a factory in India. The founder of the

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Advancements in Materials Science and Reactor Technology for Ammonia-Based Energy Storage

Ammonia has been widely used as a fertilizer and refrigerant, but its potential as a means of energy storage is only now beginning to be fully explored. The low cost of ammonia and the ease with which it can be produced make it an attractive option for large-scale energy storage. One of the main challenges in using ammonia as an energy storage medium is finding suitable materials for its production

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The Implications of Trump’s Charges on Money and Politics in the United States

In a significant development in the ongoing legal woes of former US President Donald Trump, he has been arraigned in New York City on charges related to hush money payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign. The charges, which include several counts of fraud, have been brought against Trump by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, after a lengthy investigation into the matter. The allegations

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Migrants Fearing Deportation Start Fire at Mexico Detention Centre

A fire sparked by migrants protesting in a Mexico detention center killed at least 38 people, a government official says. Surveillance footage from inside the building shows guards walking away from the blaze and making no apparent attempt to release detainees. Authorities said more than a dozen dead were from Central and South America Wednesday. The deaths come as the number of people seeking asylum in the United States has

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Phebe Novakovic: The First Female CEO of a Major Defense Contractor

Phebe Novakovic is a prominent figure in the business world, serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of General Dynamics, a leading aerospace and defense company. Novakovic has had a long and impressive career, with a background in finance and government service, and has been recognized for her leadership and contributions to the industry. Novakovic was born in 1957 in the United States and grew up in an immigrant family.

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