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Signs You Need to Work with an SEO Agency

Hiring an SEO agency to design your content strategy is an important step for your small business. Whereas you might be working on your SEO internally, there might come a time when you stop seeing the results. When this is the case, it is in your best interest that you work with professionals and rank higher as before.

But how do you tell it is time to seek professional help? Well, very few business owners seem to understand when to enlist help from an SEO agency. In this article, we help you identify the signs you need to work with an SEO agency in Singapore. Keep on reading to find out more.

A Drop in Traffic

Google keeps on making changes to its algorithm from time to time. That’s why you need to keep pace with SEO news at all times to avoid falling down the pecking order. The good news is that these changes can be noticed easily through organic traffic. However, there are times when you notice a significant drop in traffic overnight.

When this is the case, chances are you might have been hit with a Google penalty. This is mostly the case when you do things that Google considers to be bad practices. Rather than turning a blind eye as this happens, consider hiring an SEO agency to help restore your previous position. That’s possible as they will perform a keyword research and SEO audit to determine the reason behind your drop in traffic.

Lack of Competitor Knowledge

Business competition is always going to exist regardless of the type of venture you set up. For you to give your competitors a run for their money, you need to stay informed about everything they might be doing. That’s not to say you should start copy-pasting all they do as it might end up working against you.

To get a better understanding on how your competition performs on mobile SEO or the type of short tail keywords they use, do not shy away from seeking professional help. The right SEO agency will help you know about the best keyword tool to leverage and why you should compress images on your site. Furthermore, some will take it upon themselves to handle your content management services. These are some of the signs you should watch out before you finally get to work with an SEO agency in Singapore.


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