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The Best Place For H2 Maths Tuition

Education is the key to development so you must see if you have your children or yourself trained by the best school. One of the best education centers to achieve this is the Andrew Yap Education Centre. Mathematics is one of the most important subjects that one needs to secure a bright future. There are different types of mathematics introduced by the Ministry of Education such as A-level math which covers H1 Maths, H2 Maths, and H3 Maths to groom and prepare students in technology, mathematics, and engineering areas. To prepare students for university education, Andrew Yap teaches H2 math tuition in his education center to give students problem-solving skills and develop their thinking ability. With this, a student can overcome challenges easily in a creative way.

Andrew Yap Education Centre H2 MATHS Tuition 

The syllabus used in this educational center to teach students H2 MATHS is developed to prepare students for different university courses like mathematics, engineering, sciences, and mathematics-related courses. The topics covered in the H2 MATHS include probability, complex numbers, functions, vectors, calculus, hypothesis testing, sampling distribution, regression, and correlation.

H2 MathsTuition program

While these topics might look difficult to most students, the Andrew Yap Education Centre makes them easier to understand by offering students different exciting training services. They include:

  • Best H2 maths teachers 

Mr. Andrew Yap is the one that teaches students the H2 maths tuition classes. Andrew Yap is a former subject head of the mathematics department at Hwa Chong Institution. This means that students are learning from the best. Mrs. Jasmine Yap is another H2 maths teacher at this educational center. Jasmine Yap is a former educational consultant at Hwa Chong Institution.

  • Small group class settings 

One of the reasons students find it difficult to understand mathematics, in general, is learning in large groups. Some struggle to pay attention when there are many students in a class. At Andrew Yap Education Centre we conduct the teaching for 2 hours in small groups.

  • H2 maths tuition materials 

The success of any exam lies not just in preparation but in the material used to prepare. The H2 maths learning material used in our education center is designed to help students solve complex problems in mathematics. It covers basic questions to test the fundamental concept of students, questions of different difficulties, and higher thinking questions to challenge the students.


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