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Three Brand-New Teslas Found in China After 13 Years Worth Record USD 2 Million

If you have ever dreamed of owning an electric car, this is your chance. Three new 2010 Tesla Roadsters are going on the market after being stored untouched in shipping containers on a Chinese dock for over a decade.

According to Fox News, the cars were recently discovered in shipping containers at a port in Quingdao, China. They had been ordered by a customer in China who has yet to pick them up. As a result, they have been sitting in storage on the dock since 2010, accruing storage fees over the years. Now, they are up for sale through Phoenix-based Tesla specialist Gruber Motor Company.

The trio of Roadsters includes a Very Orange Base Model, a Very Orange Sport Model, and a Radiant Red Sports Model. According to Gruber Motors, all of the cars are in immaculate condition and still have their paper floor mats in place. Each of the cars also has unopened boxes in their trunks.

However, reviving an electric vehicle after such a long period is tricky. As they have not been charged in over a decade, whether the batteries are still operable or depleted entirely is still being determined. The car shop specializing in first-generation Roadsters claims it will only be able to determine this once the cars are unlocked and turned on.

While the cars are pristine, reviving them will require much work and money. Gruber Motors lists the cars for $2 million, a record price for any Tesla. However, if the cars can be revived and shipped back to the US, they will likely sell for much more than that.

The original Tesla Roadster was built between 2008 and 2012. The first-generation EV was built on a Lotus Elise platform, and it was the first production electric vehicle to have a 0-60 time of under four seconds. It could travel up to 244 miles on a single charge and had a top speed of over 200mph. Even though the car was not a commercial success, it is now considered a collector’s item.

Because only 2,500 of them were ever built, they are becoming increasingly rare. As a result, they are often sold for very high prices at auctions. The three cars found in China are expected to fetch even more as they have become more of a collector’s item.


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