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Top Tricks for Solidworks Newbies

It is without a doubt that Solidworks is one of the most prominent CAD programs relied upon in different industries worldwide. Most colleges and jobs in the design industry are making use of Solidworks. No wonder more and more people are honing their Solidworks skills with the main intention of landing better job positions.

But what about those who are new to Solidworks. For some, it all starts by figuring out what are the license fees for Solidworks. Even though there is nothing wrong with doing this, there are other important things you ought to factor in. Here are top tricks for Solidwork’s newbies if they are to have an easy ride.

Use the Feature Tree

One of the easiest ways to get around Solidworks is by using the feature manager design tree. You will find it on the Solidworks window’s left side, and it offers a view of the active part, drawing, or assembly. With the feature tree, you can examine how your assembly or model is constructed. Better, you can use it to check the various sheets and views present in your drawing. It would be best if you spent some time examining what you can do with the feature tree in Solidworks to reap maximum benefits.

Take Advantage of Span Displays

Span displays will come in handy for those who are into multitasking or users with multiple displays.  With this tool, you can span two displays without the need for resizing the Solidworks window. You’ll, therefore, increase your overall productivity considering you only move from monitor to monitor. If your main intention is to expand your overall work area or reduce movement between Solidworks and other software, you need to take advantage of span displays.

The Bottom Line

Simply because you are new in Solidworks’ world, it does not mean you cannot become a pro. You can employ so many tips and tricks if you’re to master everything without going through a lot. To have an added advantage over other newbies, make an effort to complete Solidworks training courses.

The good news is there are so many academies you can count on when pursuing Solidworks training courses. One such academy is the renowned Seacad. Check out their official website today at any time of the day and find out more about what they have to offer.


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