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Ways to Improve User Experience on Your Website

When a visitor visits the website, how they access the information from the website is the visual hierarchy. If you are on to fulfil your goals, you can accomplish them easily by implementing the visual hierarchy. Some characteristics implement this function.

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Visual hierarchy: Elements

  • The size of the objects is one of the factors that most of the visitors to the site notices. The size of every aspect depicted in the website should have the size according to their importance and value.
  • The color scheme is related to your brand, and hence is a factor to consider. Adding colors related to and most suited to the brand will be the best idea and it will make people understand and identify your brand at an easier rate.
  • The white space mostly known as the negative space is one of the components that the visitors view goes as they look upon it. If this gap increases it won’t look really good, so we have to add some features to maximally cover up this white space.
  • You have to improve the overall layout by organizing your contents more neatly by introducing rows and columns in it. This neatly arranges content will be more appealing and easier to read.

Some other details about visual hierarchy

While viewing the sites with the human eye, a person can view them in two patterns and that is the F-pattern and the Z-pattern. Most people use F-pattern for scanning or going through mainly blogs, paragraphs, etc. Z-pattern is the method of scanning that starts from the navigation bar, and this kind of reading habit is evolved by reading from the left to right pattern. Some of the benefits of the visual hierarchy are given below:

  • It improves conversions with which your site becomes easy to navigate through.
  • Fulfils the ultimate aim of making clients happy and hence it builds trust, which is most necessarily needed for a business owner.
  • Increases the referrals and brand loyalty.
  • It is economical and this visual hierarchy can also help your website with SEO.

The Bottom Line

The implementation of visual hierarchy is beneficial for the growth and spread of your business. You can look upon the details which include the benefits and implement these for having a great experience in marketing.


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