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What you need to know about mindfulness and spirituality

The spirituality is part of the human being. However, there are different manifestations of that spirituality. In the specific case of religion, this language connects with the search for meaning of the human being around the own experience of life and death. There are different religions and the faithful who practice a belief know the worship rituals associated with them. However, it is convenient not to mix concepts and terms, since meditation, which is also a manifestation of the spirituality of the human being, is not a religion. Therefore, their focus and purpose are different.

Meditation connects with the soul spirituality of the human being, since its effects are noticeable on the level of attitude. And, in addition, through this practice the person also exercises vital questions of happiness. Therefore, the practice of meditation is universally beneficial when conscious attention is practiced regularly until a habit is internalized. Perhaps, at some point in your life, you have felt that your fears, doubts, anguish and worry affect your mood. In this sense, meditation allows you to increase your level of self-control and avoid any kind of external distraction.

Meditation is a journey of personal encounter, a space of self-knowledge in which you are more aware of the thoughts and feelings that are part of your own personal core. Mindfulness is actually a form of meditation that leads to conscious attention. Mindfulness is a practice that helps you live better, simply because it allows you to know yourself, but avoids absolute identification with your own thoughts. It is possible that, throughout your life, you have felt so identified with your thoughts that it is difficult for you to break this dynamic at first. However, through meditation exercises you can transcend this limitation, realizing that you are more than those ideas that go through your mind.

Mental hygiene, as a synonym for emotional well-being, is a universal concept. For this reason, those resources that promote this objective can be considered a useful means to achieve the end, regardless of the religious beliefs of that person. The end of meditation is daily and its impact produces an inspiring benefit in your current lifestyle. The idea of ​​believing that meditation can be incompatible with the practice of certain religious beliefs produces a distorted vision of reality through prejudices that are often born out of ignorance. Meditation and positive psychology help you to be your best version, since they allow you to modify your reality through a new attitude.

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