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What You Probably Do Not Know About Silkworms


If you happen to own a reptile pet, then you probably know how vital silkworms are when it comes to feeding it. Actually, silkworms are now being domesticated in different parts of the world with the main intention of silk production or feeding them to turtles and lizards. In fact, their versatility makes them one of the most relied upon sources of nutrition for your pet. Better, they can serve as the perfect fun pet provided you have the right experience. That aside, here are some of the things you ought to know about silkworms.

What are Silkworms?

First things first, you deserve to know what silkworms are. After all, there is no way, you can start breeding them without having a clear idea of how they can help you. To cut the long story short, the silkworm is the third development stage of a silkworm moth also known by its scientific name Bombyx mori.

Silkworms are widely distributed in different parts of the world making it hard for one to find them in the wild. What is fascinating about silkworms is that they only live for close to 2-3 days in adulthood. Despite this, they are still able to reproduce with a female lay between 300-500 eggs at once.

You Can Raise Silkworms

Raising silkworms is not as hard as some people make it look like. Actually, innovations in the world of technology mean you can learn how to raise silkworms without necessarily having to move from your home. All you need to do is check out a site such a Topflightdubia.com and you are good to go.

To give you a slight insight of what is expected, you need to start by placing silkworm eggs in a small shoebox or dishpan and keep it in a well-ventilated and warm area. Avoid placing the eggs in direct sunlight since they cannot survive in extremely high temperatures. It is highly advisable for you to maintain the temperature at a maximum of 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Silkworms are only fond of eating mulberry leaves and hence you should add them into the shoebox. Remember to replace the mulberry leaves on regular basis to prevent them from becoming moldy. Furthermore, silkworms eat more as they grow and you must therefore be ready to feed them with new leaves.

The Bottom Line

If you are planning to raise silkworms, then you should go out of your way and understand what is expected of you. Topflightdubia will serve as the perfect site to start at especially when you are planning to breed silkworms for the very first time. Here you are set to come every piece of information you need regarding silkworms be it housing, substrate or even temperature. Be sure to follow everything to the letter as it the only way your colony of silkworms is going to thrive. It is then that you will no longer have to buy silkworms simply because you want to feed your reptile pet.


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