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Why You Need a Private APN for IoT Security

There are many common misconception regarding APNs. Some developers think your need to have a private APN before setting up a VPN or you need an APN to get more security. However, this is not really the case since APNs separate customers in different IP address spaces while at the same time solving the problem of dynamic IP addresses.

But that’s not to say you cannot use a Private APN for IoT security. Actually, numerous benefits are destined to come your way the very moment you decide to take this route. Below are some of the benefits you’re destined to enjoy.

Protect Devices

Thanks to private APN, you can easily protect devices with access to your information. This is possible since only the SIMs or devices that have the programmed and defined APN can get access to soliciting service from the defined services via the internet. You should however keep in mind that you cannot have a private APN without a VPN tunnel to handle the traffic. Actually, doing this makes it easy for your carrier to recreate a private network for every customer that asks.

Separates the Traffic

You might not know this but a private APN is capable of separating the traffic. This is mostly the cases when counting on dedicated Access Point Names for IoT devices that are totally different from the APN a consumer device would use. Despite this, it is still shared across IoT users for a carrier.

Remember, you can configure APNs to include defined Authentication settings for maximum security. When using a defined APN, then it is mandatory for you to enter the User Name and Password before proceeding.

In Conclusion

It is quite evident that a private APN has a lot to offer when it comes to IoT security than you might probably be thinking. If you’re yet to take advantage of private APNs, then there is no other time to do so than now. Be sure to find out more about it entails before you can finally decide to make the switch.


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