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Why You Should Replace Your Commercial Refrigerator

Are you an owner or manager of a supermarket or a restaurant? If so, then it’s without a doubt that your commercial freezer plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of your venture. After all, you depend on the freezer to keep foodstuff fresh at all times. That’s why you cannot risk having a faulty commercial freezer as it might end up eating into your profits.

The good news is that Commercial freezers can serve you for a long time as long as you prioritize proper care and maintenance. In this article, we will take you through two factors to keep in mind when planning to replace your commercial refrigerator.

Is It Time for Replacement?

Before you rush into replacing your system, you first have to confirm if it’s functioning effectively. If you notice your refrigerator is struggling to maintain cold temperature, then it’s the right time to consider a replacement. Remember a fully operational refrigerator should maintain constant cold temperature ranging from 36f to 38f.

Temperature issues may be caused by; worn out hinges, faulty door gaskets, damage panel joints to mention a few. Such problems can let cold air to flow outside the unit thus causing constant temperature fluctuation. This will eventually lead to huge losses for your business, especially when you do not find a replacement within the shortest time possible.

Long-Term Reliability and Energy Efficiency

Reliability is by far one of the most important factors to consider when planning to replace your commercial freezer. Even though you may decide to rely on an old system, you’ll end up spending more in maintenance and repair costs. No wonder, the most viable option is replacing it with a new one.

Fortunately, you can now order a commercial freezer online from the comfort of your couch. All it takes is for you to look for a reputable online dealer of commercial freezers before making a purchasing decision. If you have no idea about the best place to start your search, Go! FoodService is here to offer a helping hand. Check out their official website to find out more.


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