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HVAC Updates You Should Watch Out For

Once you install the HVAC system, it becomes something that you have to live with it for a long time. And that’s understandable considering heating and cooling equipment has a long-life cycle, and due to the cost of replacement, it may well be kept in service even after the end of its projected useful life.

No wonder it is vital for facility managers to understand their options when HVAC systems are being planned. For facility managers looking ahead to construction or retrofit projects, then you should keep a close on the current changes in HVAC tech. To help make this easier, below are top HVAC updates worth your attention.

Pump Efficiency

Pumps continue getting new attention. These workhorses of the building infrastructure offer a vital chance for energy efficiency. New federal standards will certainly help drive efficiency gains industry-wide, but even before the standards take effect, it is vital for facility managers to understand how good pump system design can save energy.

Bear in mind that design elements can greatly affect a pump’s efficiency. For instance leakages can be prevented and friction inside the pump reduced. But the primary improvements to be found in more energy-efficient pumps are their hydraulic impellers and diffuser hydraulics.

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VRF Systems

An increasingly popular air conditioner and heat pump technology that is definitely worth your attention is the Variable Refrigerant Flow System (VRF). A VRF HVAC offers one way to resolve the issue of building that need both air conditioning and space heating in different zones.

Considering a single outdoor compressorized unit can serve multiple thermostatically controlled indoor fan coils, multiple control zones can be provided very cost effectively, allowing thermostats in every room, if need be.

Technology keeps on changing every other day with things not any different when it comes to HVAC unit. For this reason, you should take up the initiative to keep pace with everything transpiring to ensure you get the most from what HVAC units. It is then that you can enjoy maximum heating and cooling capabilities with reduced energy bills than before.


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